Front view of SBX200 Enclosure for SIMs

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SBX200 Enclosure/Battery Kit

The SBX200 is currently in production.

Perfect for prototyping and small projects

Available as an optional accessory for the SIM225, the SBX200 kit includes an injection molded plastic enclosure, the SW001 battery/switch board, as well as a 1000mAH Lithium polymer battery. Perfect for prototypes, and even that marketing meeting when the team wants to pass the unit around, the SIM is protected during normal handling and can run for up to several hours on a charge. 

Explore a 3D Model of the SBX200

Download and explore the 3D PDF of the SBX200 enclosure. Select the front or back part of the enclosure and right-click “View > Part Options > Make Transparent” to see the wireframe view, or just spin the unit around in 3D to view it from all angles.

You can also review the SW001 Switch/Battery Board v1.3 Schematics