SCM118 Power & Communications Module

SCM118 is currently in production and is an Extended Lifetime Roadmap Product.


Flexible Communications & Power Connectivity

The SCM Power/Communications modules are designed to complement SIMs powering both from a 9-25VDC input and providing WiFi, Bluetooth, CAN, RS232 or RS422/485, and CAN connectivity.

An on-board Renesas MCU provides an open programming platform for protocols, IoT and IT connectivity, GPIO, OEM system control and custom data interchange between the SIM’s GUI and the OEM system.

The SCM118 has two essential functions in the system: to provide connectivity among a collection of disparate communications interfaces, and to adapt incoming system/network +9-25VDC power to the required 5VDC required by the SCM and its attached SIM.

Architecturally, the SCM118’s on-board MCU sits in between the external networks and the Serious Integrated Module, performing the role of an independent communications hub. The Renesas RX113 MCU on the SCM118 is an open programming environment, supported by off-the-shelf no-cost GNU C compilers and the e² studio eclipse-based IDE from Renesas.